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‘Leaders, managers and governors have made sure that the curriculum captures pupils’ interest and encourages pupils’ positive attitudes to school.’ Ofsted 2016

Welcome to the Year 6 Webpage


Miss Stanfield

Denise B


Here is some important information about Year 6:

  • P.E is every Tuesday and Thursday. All children should have white shorts, a white t-shirt and trainers on both of these days. If for some reason your child cannot take part in P.E, they must have written consent explaining this.
  • Children are expected to read for at least 30 minutes every evening and have their reading record signed by an adult each day. 


Any questions or problems, please let me know. 

Websites you might like to try with your children







Our first topic will be classification and we will be looking at invertebrates, plants and micro-organisms.

However, before that, we are involved in the BBC's Terrific Science investigation into whether short bursts of exercise are good for concentration. Schools up and down the country are working with a team of scientists at universities in Edinburgh and Stirling to begin to find out what impact exercise can have on pupils’ cognition and mood. We will be completing online mood questions, memory and attention tasks before and after different forms of exercise to see if it makes a difference.

Year 6 2017/2018

ICT - making a snowy scene on Scratch.


The blocks of code you will need are:


This is the link to Scratch.



School Journey


On Tuesday 20th September, thirty-four children from Years 5 and 6 and four adults set off for Cardfields House in Essex. We stayed for three nights and returned on Friday 23rd September. We all had a brilliant time and were blessed with beautiful weather. During the week we took part in many activities and lots of outdoor learning was had. Some of the activities included:


  • BMX biking
  • screen printing
  • observational drawing
  • shelter building
  • hike to Heather Hills
  • bug hunt
  • orienteering
  • team challenges
  • campfire
  • disco
  • limbo
  • fashion show
  • natural sculpting


Thanks to all the staff that came with us from Vittoria and all the staff at Cardfields who helped us out during the week. Here are some favourite moments from the children and photos of the week. 


"I really enjoyed Cardfields, especially when we went BMX biking because it was really bumpy." Oze

"The games room was great. I loved having free time to hang out with my friends, chatting and playing outside." Precious

"I really enjoyed the campfire." Holly A

"My favourite part of the week was the screen printing." Shaya

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07/09/16 - 12/09/16: Week of Inspirational Maths


During the first week of term, Year 6 took part in a Week of Inspirational Maths. During these lessons, we worked in groups and solved problems together. We learned that:

  • Our brains can grow and change
  • There are different ways that learners can see and visualise numbers
  • Mistakes are powerful because they help our brains grow
  • The beliefs we have about ourselves and our  learning changes the way our brains work
  • Speed is not important to be successful in Maths; we need to think slowly and deeply about our learning.


This, as well as our Growth Mindset thinking, helped us complete tasks from different areas of Maths, including number, shape, and statistics.

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Year 6 2015/2016



Our topic for the Autumn term is 'World War II'. 









Year 6 are becoming HTML experts. We have been building websites and will continue to develop our computing skills.