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Covid 19: See the parent and class pages for updates, help and work

Coronavirus Advice and Information

Update: suggestions for the summer holidays

This page aims to give you information about how school is staying in touch with our pupils and where you can go for help.

Teachers will keep class pages (see children, class pages above) up to date with activities for children to do at home, and all pupils have access to our on-line learning platform, Google Classroom. We are setting tasks on Google Classroom and teachers are on-line during the day to support children in their learning. The Early Years Team continue to communicate with you via Tapestry, as they did before the Covid19 outbreak.

Where parents are unable to access Google Classroom, you can collect the same work from school on a regular basis. You can discuss this with your teacher during their weekly call.


Slow, old laptop?

If you have an old laptop that is struggling to cope with the demands of home learning, you could consider converting it to a Google Chromebook for free. This will wipe everything you currently have on the laptop but it could solve your problem. School has used the Neverware software to convert our old laptops and some pupils are currently using them at home. This is the link:

Managing the day

When at home, it is incredibly important that a routine is established and maintained throughout the period of absence.

Try to stick to school timings as much as possible. It is going to be difficult, especially if you are trying to work from home at the same time. If you do have Internet access, and your children can access Google Classroom, then their class teacher will be on-line to help them with tasks.


8:00 Breakfast and fun activities

9:00 Time to work: maths, writing, reading, science, spelling, history,  


10:00 break

10:30 Time to work: as above

11:30 break

12: 00 Lunch time

1:00 Physical exercise (outdoor if possible)

2:00 Time to work: Art, cooking, designing or any of the above

3:30 More exercise….

Screen time where pupils are playing on computer games should be limited and boundaries put in place from the very start. Keeping them safe on line is very important and there is  more advice about this below.

NHS Guide to Handwashing