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Welcome to Vittoria Primary


There are lots of different ways that you can practise your writing skills at home.


There are several free Writing home-learning packs, available from Talk4Writing, which can be found here:


Or you could try doing one of the following:

A diary entry - you could give your diary a name, tell it what you have been doing that day. You could write down how you are feeling and why.  Writing a worry down is a great way to start feeling better.


A recipe - write instructions for how to make something, it might be something you've helped an adult make at home.  Don't forget to include a list of kitchen equipment and food that you will need.  Then make sure you include adverbs for time in your instruction, so people know what to do first, next, after that, finally.  And make sure you include lots of imperative (bossy) verbs (doing words)!


A story - you could write a story based on what is happening now or you could write a story based in another land with characters from your imagination.  What might the problem be in your story and how will the characters solve it?   Don't forget to describe your characters and settings using plenty of adjectives (describing words).


A description - you could describe how something works. Or describe an animal, real or imaginary, or invention maybe?


A book review - is there a book you have really enjoyed and think others should read? Or a book you didn't enjoy at all?  Now is your chance to write all about it!  Don't forget to tell people what the book is about. Who are the characters? Where is it set? What happens in the story? What was your favourite part? Why are you recommending it?


A report - have you been researching something or somewhere interesting.  Maybe you have been finding out about a famous person, or a city or country, or a time in history!  Can you write a report to tell people about it?  Don't forget to include headings in your report.


Remember, you can write in your exercise book or on paper and then email a picture to me so I can have a look!