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Covid 19: See the parent and class pages for updates, help and work

What to do if you need help?


You can ask for help in the Year 3 Google Classroom, or email Miss Spry on or Miss Courtenay on


Your Google Classroom log-in should be in your Reading Record and everyone was given their login to take home on Thursday 19th March - if you were not in school it was put in the post. If you still don't have it contact Miss Spry on 

How to access google classroom

If you are using Google Classroom on a tablet, or a mobile phone. You need to also download the apps Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Hangouts Meet and Google Slides.

How to login to lgfl resources

As well as Google Classroom you can use lgfl resources at home like J2E to create posters and blogs. Your login is the first part of your Google Classroom login, up to and including .206  , your password is the same.

To login, go to