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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
'Vittoria Primary School is a happy place.' 'Pupils talk confidently and positively about the school.' Staff have high expectations for every pupil.' Leaders have made sure a broad curriculum is in place across the school.'OFSTED Oct 2021

Computing is led by Ms Madriaga


At Vittoria the computing curriculum aims to develop safe, responsible and capable learners who are ​creative, curious and logical as they navigate, investigate and contribute to the world around them. In a fast changing world, we want to empower pupils to be active participants in our digital world, equipping children to be digital citizens, digital creators, digital communicators and digital investigators.

We want our pupils to be able to:

  • Communicate their ideas and learning confidently across all subjects using a range digital tools.
  • Understand how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.
  • Develop their programming and computational thinking skills so that they are problem solvers and the creators of digital content, rather than simply consumers.
  • Understand how to search, utilise, and critically asses all the information available to them in digital form, safely and responsibly.

Our approach

We have used Google Classroom and the Google Suite of Tools since Summer 2019 to support learning in School, and we introduced Wessex planning produced by eLIM in 2020/21, which identifies five areas of learning:

  • E-Safety
  • Programming
  • Technology in our lives
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Handling Data.

The COVID pandemic impacted the introduction of this new curriculum but it has also meant that children rapidly developed a range of computing skills as a result of remote learning. Every pupil in KS1 and KS2 had access to Google Classroom, with 80% of pupils using a school owed device – no child shared a device. Our task is now to build on this base.

Children have weekly computing lessons, which focus on specific computing skills, but pupils use Chromebooks and the Google suite of tools in lessons across the curriculum. We are lucky enough to have one Chromebook per pupil in KS2, which gives teaches the freedom to use them whenever it is appropriate and will enhance learning. E-safety lessons are taught once a half term and also within our PSHE curriculum. Pupils in KS1 and EYFS have regular access to Chromebooks as well as floor robots.