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Welcome to Vittoria Primary
Our theme this year will be Inventors and Inventions. 

We will be looking at inventions that have changed our lives and learning about the scientists that invented them. During the week, children will be asked to nominate the invention which has most changed people’s lives in the last 120 years. Get thinking!

Inventions Convention – Thursday 28 March 3.30pm – 4.15pm

We will be holding an Inventions Convention this year, where children with their families are invited to invent an invention.

Coffee Morning – Thursday 28th March 9am

We will be focussing on fun kitchen science that you can do with your children at very little cost. Come along and have some fun.

Science Museum - Friday 29th March 9.30 -11am

You are invited to come and see what the children have learnt about on Friday morning, when we turn the whole school into a science museum.