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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
School reopens to all pupils week beginning Monday 7th September. We look forward to seeing you.

        September 2020 – Autumn 1

Welcome to the new school year. We are all very excited about welcoming you to Nursery on Tuesday 8th September 2020. We have been busy making arrangements for the children’s safe return to school and look forward to be seeing you all.


I am your nursery teacher Miss Enrique and your Early Years’ Practitioners are Miss Debbie Mann (toddler manager), Miss Shanika Gordon and Miss Dilek Bulbul.


Our first topic is called My Favourite Things – a lovely one for everyone to share about their favourite things and important people in their lives. A great getting-to-know-you topic. This is also a chance for the children to learn about their new nursery classmates. Friendship and positive relationships are so important in normal times, but even more now after lockdown.




The whole of EYFS will do P.E. lessons Friday mornings 9-10am. For the first term, we ask that your child comes to school on Fridays in their PE kit, including plimsolls/trainers, to better participate in the lessons. They can stay in these more comfortable clothes for the whole day. If you have any questions about this, please see Miss Prentice.


Tapestry – your child’s online learning journal


We use Tapestry to record your child’s learning over the week and the whole year. We publish to your email each Friday afternoon so you can share and relive these learning highlights with your child. Our parents have told us that it provides a great “chatting moment” with their child and bridges school and home better.

Please log in and start this sharing on Friday week 1!

One parents excellent advice is to “download the free app”.

Any questions about this, please ask me or Miss Prentice (Early Years’ leader) or email her at


Welcome again to our fabulous community where we all aim high about our children’s curiosity about learning.


Elisa Enrique

Five a day will help you keep fit while you are at home. Exercise is still very important. And then click on the wake up song: