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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
Welcome to Vittoria Primary

Physical Education at Vittoria is delivered by a team of specialist coaches and teachers providing high quality sports provision throughout the year.


Working together with staff, specialist coaches are committed to raising standards in primary school PE and sport by adopting an exciting and innovative approach to teaching. Right Way Sports are a team of experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches of the highest quality and have proven track records in successfully delivering PE and sport within primary schools.


At Vittoria, we understand that teaching sports to children is not only about them acquiring the skills and tactics involved. Although these are important elements in any child's development, we feel strongly about having a responsibility to be role models for the children and help guide them towards living a positive, active and healthy lifestyle.


We are commited to ensuring that all children benefit from quality physical education and go the extra mile so that all children feel that they have a place within sport and PE. We aim to proivide extra support for those children who are relcutant while also challenging the gifted and talented to reach their full potential and represent Vittoria Primary School at sports leagues and competitions. 



P.E and Sport Premium Plan 2021