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'Vittoria Primary School is a happy place.' 'Pupils talk confidently and positively about the school.' Staff have high expectations for every pupil.' Leaders have made sure a broad curriculum is in place across the school.'OFSTED Oct 2021

Science week is an annual event at Vittoria Primary School which encourages the children to think about how the sciences, technology, engineering and maths relate to our everyday lives – whilst having fun. This year, science week has been slightly different as each class was taught a unit of science they have missed out last year due to the lockdown. There have been lots of different investigations going on, encouraging the children to think and work collaboratively like scientists. 


The topic that were taught in each year group:


YR 1- Everyday materials 

YR 2- Uses of everyday materials

YR 3- Light

YR 4- Electricity

YR 5- Forces

YR 6- Reversible and Irreversible changes




In addition, the children took part in a whole-school daily challenges at home ranging from growing your own salt crystals, defying gravity task as well as making your own paper airplane. In addition, as part of Science Week, the children had the opportunity to take part in a national cracking competition were they had to invent an everyday object and make it better!


On the final day, each class took turns and visited their bubble partner classroom's science museum work. This was an amazing success in which each class had the opportunity to show case each other's work, talk about their investigations as well as what jobs are related to their topic. It was a great fun for all involved.


Take a look below to find out more and to see some amazing snapshots of Science Week at our school!