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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
Welcome to Vittoria Primary

The science curriculum is led by Ms Moore. We work hard to ensure that the children have a range of exciting science opportunities whilst at Vittoria, so that children develop into confident scientists with questioning minds. We have been awarded two quality marks for science: the Primary Science Quality Mark Outreach and the Space Education Gold Quality Mark. These demonstrate that not only is science a strength of the school, but also that we support other schools in sharing our best practice.

You can follow what the children are doing in Science on Twitter @ScienceVittoria

Our Science Principles

Science helps us understand the world; how things work, why things happen and how we can change things. At Vittoria our science is interactive, practical and child-led, encouraging curiosity, responsibility and independence. We live in a fast changing world without borders, where it is important that our pupils are equipped for the science related jobs of the future and the challenges they will face.

At Vittoria

  • Science inspires and develops curiosity about the world, encouraging children to ask questions and think of themselves as capable scientists.
  • Science develops children’s independence in investigation skills, promoting good team work and scientific reasoning.
  • Children’s learning is related to real life situations and experiences, taking place outside as well as inside, including meeting scientists and going on science related visits.
  • Science is fun and hands on, developing a love of science.
  • Staff feel secure in their subject knowledge and can pass their enthusiasm onto the children.

Science Curriculum 2019 2020