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School reopens to all pupils week beginning Monday 7th September. We look forward to seeing you.

Things to do to help your child learn at home










Science - Materials




Topic - The Great Fire of London





Make your own pictogram






If I am writing a message on the Internet

I will :

  • always ask a grown up before I use a computer;
  • only message if a grown up knows;
  • be kind and polite - do not hurt anyone's feelings;
  • never log on as someone else;
  • only use a nickname or first name;
  • never share my address;
  • never talk to strangers;
  • be clear  - write in sentences;
  • be polite - SHOUTING is rude!

If I am reading a message or looking at anything on the computer,

I will tell a grown up I trust if I don't like something I see, or it upsets me.