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Welcome to Vittoria Primary

Back to School!

Hello everybody!


My goodness, I have lost track of which week of lock down we are on, 12? 13? Anyway, whatever the answer - this was a particularly exciting week - because we have opened our doors to Year One students to return so a socially distanced, rather different school life! Social distancing may be in place, but as you can see from the photos of the girls, we can still have fun! If you are wanting to send your children back to school, please email ahead to let us know at


If you are choosing to keep your children home, Google Classroom remains busy with lots of lessons going up daily, so please ensure you are logging on daily and making sure students are making their through the lessons accordingly. 


Nicole and myself have really enjoyed calling you all this week and speaking to you all. As I will be in school on Friday's, our new Weekly Hangout slot will be Mondays at 10am.


If you need anything, please email me at


Missing you all, and so happy to back with some of you!

Miss Khan :) X