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Covid 19: See the parent and class pages for updates, help and work

Hi Year 3
I am sure you are all well into the routine of being at home and balancing your work and relaxation time.
If you are still struggling to find a routine or make a timetable for the day, Classroom secrets have made a Day-by-Day timetable for you with some Maths, English, Reading, STEM and free time activities to help you keep your day busy!
If you want to change the Maths/English activity to the Daily Maths/English posted by me or Miss Spry on google classroom, that is also fine, as some topics may not be the same.
If you have already got a good routine timetable then well done, but this is here for you for each day to help you along the way.

Just select the day of the week, for example today is Tuesday, and then work through the timetable.
I will post each day's timetable on here so you can click on it from here also - look out for Wednesday's timetable tomorrow!
I hope it is useful :)

Miss Courtenay

Kindness will keep us together

In years to come when someone asks "what did you do in Coronavirus crisis?" We'll say. "We adapted. We created. We cared. We stood together. Because although...

The Science of Kindness

There are scientifically proven benefits to being kind! It is contagious, teachable, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

What can you do this week to spread kindness?

Good Morning Year 3 and welcome back.  I hope you have had a nice, restful Easter break and have spent some quality time with your families.

It is now the Summer Term and even though you are not in school, it is really important that you get back into a good learning routine at home. Myself and Ms Courtenay will be setting weekly tasks on here and on the school website. Make sure you are checking regularly.

This week in KINDNESS WEEK at Vittoria so we will be thinking about kindness and why it is important. If you haven't already, make sure you can log onto google classroom for daily activities and lessons. 

Miss Spry