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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
School reopens to all pupils week beginning Monday 7th September. We look forward to seeing you.


This week the focus is on using ratio. For each day there is a video to watch and then a sheet of maths to complete in your book at home.

Click here for the video - you want week 1.

The worksheet is below and the answers are on-line but only look at them when you have finished.


You will have received an invitation to our on-line Science lesson using Google Hangouts at 10am on Tuesday. If you are using your phone or a tablet you need to download Google Hangouts Meet from the App store.

You will have received the code for the meeting in an email sent to your school gmail account. From your Google Drive, click on the Google Apps button and select Gmail and open the email sent by Ms Moore. Your parents will also have a text with it in.

To join the meeting...

On a laptop/pc click on the link in your email and it should take you to the meeting. Click on join.

On a tablet or phone. Open the app and sign in using your school Google classroom account. Then tap on meeting code and enter the code we have sent you. It will then either say join and you click on that, or it might say Ask to Join. If it does click and enter your name and tap Ask to Join.