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Welcome to Vittoria Primary

Hello Everybody!


Happy Monday, I really hope you are all doing well and are looking after each other! It's a strange thing, learning from home, and deciding how best to send work to you. I am always available to email at - where I'd encourage your feedback or suggestions! Here are some things I'd like you to have a go at this week.


Firstly, you have already finished, or will be close to finishing your Blue Workbook. Please endeavour to finish these this week! If you are particularly proud of a page, feel free to email a photo of yourself either holding said page, or perhaps just of the work, and I can add it to the 'WOW Work' Tab on our Class Page! smiley


You also should be continuing to work through your Home Learning Pack. If students are enjoying these, do contact me, as I have more resources from the same company I can email to those who would like them. I think they are excellent for consolidation of learning!


Do not forget your diary entries! It's a great way to keep up phonics, your hand writing, and spelling fresh!


I will be setting you a quiz on Google Classroom this week! It will be a Mental Maths Quiz, encouraging you to count on and back in your head. Make sure you log on using your LGFL Log Ins, and come and have a go! laugh


Finally, I'd like to set you an Art Task that I will also be participating in myself. Choose a window from your house. Draw exactly what it is that you see. Consider the sky, the clouds, any animals you see, any people, etc. The next day, go back to the same window and draw your view again. Compare the two images. Was anything different in the first drawing? What remained the same across both days? Email me your images as  -  I can't wait to see!


Well done everybody, I know this is not an easy situation for any of us!


With Love,

Miss Khan