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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
‘Leaders, managers and governors have made sure that the curriculum captures pupils’ interest and encourages pupils’ positive attitudes to school.’ Ofsted 2016



Ware learning to:

  • using the sounds we are learning in our Phonics lessons to spell words in our writing
  • when writing sentences putting a capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end
  • putting finger spaces between each word
  • introducing nouns, adjectives, verbs and connectives






Each child is put into a group to learn their sounds

  • Phase 2 
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5



This site has each sound to help you practice



We are learning to:

  • read & write numbers from 1 to 20 in digits and words.
  • count up to 20 objects and match the number to the objects.
  • count on and back, compare and order, numbers to 20.
  • identify a number 1 (or 2) more or less than a given number.
  • find pairs that make 5 (or 10) then match the pairs to number sentences.
  • find missing numbers in number sentences.
  • recognise, name and describe 2d shapes e.g. squares, rectangles, circles, triangles.










Topic - Babies and Play



Staying safe, keyboard skills