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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
'Vittoria Primary School is a happy place.' 'Pupils talk confidently and positively about the school.' Staff have high expectations for every pupil.' Leaders have made sure a broad curriculum is in place across the school.'OFSTED Oct 2021
Each week we will be celebrating your achievements at home. It doesn't matter whether the work was on-line or not, we want to celebrate you getting on with school work in these difficult times. We will see anything you do in Google Classroom or on J2E, but you can also send us a photo of what you have been doing at home. We will publish it below. Please send it to Miss Spry  ( or Miss Courtenay (

A place to play

Last week Year 3 had to design a place to play and write about it. This Khadija's design and well done Aisha for a lovely piece of writing.

Jaime made rainbows and put through people’s door to cheer them up. She also transformed her mum's table so that it is rainbow themed. She is working on the chairs this week.

Billy's map of the oceans!

Khadija's hoola hoops!

Still image for this video

Khadijah's granddad challenged her to do more than 100 hoops. He counted her twirls and she did 210.

WOW! Check out Khadija's Volcano Information Text.

Beautiful artwork

What did you get up to in the half term break? Khadija and her little sister became the Little Angel Theatre and designed and created their own puppet show.

Island Projects (Khadija, Zayn, Brooke and Billy)

WOW! This week year 3 pupils have been making family trees to show the relationship between Varjak Paw and his family. Well done Zayn, Khadija and Billy. Billy even created his own family tree!

Creative Upcycling : Jaime has been creative this week, upcycling an old bed slat to make her own plant stand.

Khadija's grammar work on prepositions. I love how she attached a drawing of her bedroom.

Brooke working really hard completing her home learning pack!

Billy's shelter for his deserted island! How are you getting on with your writing projects?

Pyjamarama Day

Zayn's Book Review

Still image for this video

Brooke and Harry built a secret den

Brooke and Toby's NHS poster

Billy's Home Science Experiments

Toby's work for Kindness Week

Letters to Muriel Street Care Home as part of Kindness Week (Billy, Khadija and Zayn)

Date : 22/04/2020 

Dear Sir or Madam,


Hope you are doing well and staying safe during this weird time.

How has your day been going? Have you done your daily exercise?

Have you had lunch yet? 


It is lovely outside today, it is so nice that you can go out in the garden and play some games, maybe if you have flowers you can water them and make sure they stay well and healthy because we don't want those beautiful flowers withering away. Have you been managing to get outside in your beautiful grden? I bet the garden smells wonderful during the spring season. I always walk past the garden on my way to school and love the way it looks, especially the big weeping willow.

I have been keeping myself busy by doing school work which takes 5 hours 20 minutes. I normally always do maths because some people say maths and english is good for you. When it is 12:00 we have lunch and then we go outside to play but not out the front door out the garden door we have loads of fun by blowing bubbles and making bubbles in a Bubble gun it gets really messy and that is the most fun part and we also have fun by jumping around on our space hoppers with my brothers. 


I hope you have managed to speak on the phone your family and friends as I have been doing myself. 


Look after yourself and stay healthy and well.


Yours sincerely


 Zayn Chelliah

(Vittoria Primary School)




Bunny, Bunny  Bunny, Bunny, rapping my eggs in foil, 

Oh how you love to spoil Bunny,

Bunny, running round the tree, 

I want my Easter eggs I'm so hungry, 

Bunny, Bunny, you run away but we made a deal,

I don't want to hurt you but I see you on that hill, 


Rabbits dead and now I have all the eggs

That night I go to sleep 


Bunny's staring back at me 


By Toby-Jay

I love Khadija, Jamie and Jaime's NHS posters and it is great to see that Billy has been busy growing strawberry plants and creating tea/ coffee paintings.

Zayn’s easter poetry 2020


Easter bunny hides

Easter eggs are out of sight

But the kids look everywhere

Long yellow flowers 

Fragrant and free to breath in the air

The shadows of the easter eggs were found

 nearby the easter bunnies

But the kids shadows were even bigger and those kids 

were not scared

Well done to Zayn, Toby, Lizzie, Billy and Khadija!

Billy's amazing home learning!

AMAZING examples of work completed on google classroom and at home (WB: 23.3.20)

Zayn's time traveller story