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WOW Work! Week Beginning 13th July

WOW Work! Week Beginning 6th July

This week in Art we learnt how to paint a whale
Socially distanced artists excited and ready!
What a beautiful backdrop Jiya!
Wow Mehek! What a wonderful whale!
What wonderful attention to detail
Ta da! What masterpieces from everybody
What terrific Independent Science work Teddy!

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 29th June

The girls have been measuring leaves this week.
Sallyha's wonderful addition work!
What beautiful handwriting Jiya!
Grayson was not fooled by these! Well done!
What fabulous descriptive language Kirubel!

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 22nd June

Kirubel has been doing some fantastic Maths Work!
Well done Ethan, these were not easy at all!
In the School Pod we went on a minibeast hunt!
To cool down we did some marbling. It was so fun!
Here's Isabella swirling her pattern

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 15th June

Anaya making her Rainbow as part of Art this week!
What fantastic phonics work Milena has done!
Milena has ordered these numbers in Maths. Wow!
Questioning what happens when you add salt to ice!
It was great to take Science outdoors this week!

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 1st June

Yaseen has been busy planting his seeds. Exciting!
Milena, those cupcakes look delicious!
Fantastic Maths from Harry this week!
Well done to Ethan +Anaya for their virtual read!

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 18th May

Zach has made this brilliant mask for his Art Task
Ayesha has done some fantastic Maths work, wow!
Ayesha's truly wonderful NHS Poster - well done!
Milena has filled up her time capsule. Well done!
Milena has used her phonics to name her own aliens
It has been great seeing what Ethan has been up!

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 11th May

Milena has been completing this fabulous puzzle!
Ayesha - what fantastic phonics work! Wow!
Zach's been working on his alliteration work, wow!
What brilliant fraction work Zach, very well done!
Teddy's Treasure Map from our Topic work is super!
Ethan's chosen items for a Bear hunt, good ideas!

WOW Work! - Week Beginning 4th May

Kirubel's Desert Island Items - good choices!
Ethan's rhyming work was brilliant - well done!
Anaya enjoying her Frozen book on Pyjamarama Day!
Kirubel pleased with his books on Pyjamarama Day!
Milena has been working brilliantly!
Keep up the excellent work Milena!

WOW Work! - Week beginning 27th April

Teddy what beautiful handwriting, I am impressed!
How incredible is this poster? Wow Teddy!
Ramadam Kareem to all - this is beautiful Anaya!
This Easter Poem by Teddy is truly wonderful! Wow!
These are great Ted, I am so proud!
Year 1 had the task of drawing some emotions! Wow!

WOW Work! - Week beginning 20th April

Well done Ethan, it's great to see your Maths work
It's not easy writing on a tablet, I am impressed!
This is brilliant! Wow!
Excellent job Kirubel, keep it up!

Our wonderful work from Kindness Week

Here is Anaya's card for those at Muriel Street
It is a scary time for those living in a care home
They will really love and appreciate these cards
Very well done Anaya!

WOW Work! - Week beginning 20th April

Ethan has worked brilliantly on Google Classroom!
Well done Ethan, this is fantastic work!
Wow Kirubel, I am seriously impressed!

WOW Work! - Week beginning 30th March

Those 3D shapes are even better than my own Ethan!
What great results from a shape hunt
Great to see Kirubel working so studiously!
Goodness me what neat writing! Wonderful!

WOW Work! - Week beginning 23th March

Albert's wonderful Batman!
Jiya's fabulous flying cube!
Anaya's mystical fairy!
Marwah's extraordinary aeroplane!
Teddy's glorious glider planes!