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Preparing resilient learners in an ever changing world
'Vittoria Primary School is a happy place.' 'Pupils talk confidently and positively about the school.' Staff have high expectations for every pupil.' Leaders have made sure a broad curriculum is in place across the school.'OFSTED Oct 2021

Summer Term 1 2022


Hello and Welcome back to the Summer Term.


I hope you have had a restful break! The children have come back happy and eager to learn!


This term we have lots of exciting things to look forward to. Year 4 will participate in the Maamulhaha Writing through Art Project where we will learn about different artists and their paintings. This will include a trip to Kenwood House later in the term.

We will be exploring the Amazon in our Geography Topic and investigating States of Matter in Science. In addition, we will look closely at how people grow and change and how this can affect us individually and in different ways.


The Year 4 Multiplication check will also be completed in the Summer Term and we will be having daily tests as well as a mock test before the half term. We really appreciate your support in ensuring your child is secure in their times tables knowledge.

Please do take the time to look at the learning overview for Summer 1 found below



PE will continue to be on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, children will need to wear their trainers and on Wednesday, children should wear their Full PE Kit. 


Homework is given out on Friday and expected to be completed and handed in on Wednesday. Timestables practise will be given daily.


Thank you again for your ongoing support in your child’s learning journey.

Please come and speak to us if you have queries.



Miss Madriaga and Caroline

In preparation for the Year 4 National Test, here is a list of websites you will find useful. - lots of games to help learn times tables - Hit the button is fantastic for mixed questions that are timed and test both multiplication and division facts. - this game times each questions for 6 seconds and gives the children practice in using a keypad to type in answers (this is how the test will be administered at the end of the year) - another timed test - another fun online test site. - Times table songs - a range of games - More interactive games

Spring Two 2021-2022



Welcome back to another exciting term. Here are some reminders of what is to come:



Year 4's P.E. lessons will take place on Tuesday and Friday. Children only need trainers on Tuesdays and a Full PE kit on Friday's when they are lucky to have PE with our fabulous Sports Coaches; Ellis and Sami. 


Reading records

Reading records need to be brought to school EVERYDAY and an adult needs to acknolwedge they have read with thier child on a daily basis. Reading is really important for our learning journey. Please support your child's reading development and read with your child everyday for at least 20 mins. Children should be reading at least 5 out of 7 days a week. 



Homework is given out on a Friday and we ask for it to be returned on the following Wednesday (unless stated otherwise in special circumstances). Please make sure you child brings their homework in on time, as it is beneficial to consolidate our learning.


Year 4 Multiplication Test

All Year 4 children will have a multiplication test in June/July 2022. Although this seems far away we will have daily multiplication tests in preparation. Please help to support your child with their multiplications. Here are some useful resources:


Topmarks - Hit the Button


There are many videos on Youtube too. 

We particularly like this one: 5 times tables song


Final reminders:

Please ensure your child brings in a re-useable bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. 



Many Thanks,

Miss Madriaga

Autumn Term 2021-2022

 Year 4!


Teacher: Miss Madriaga

TA: Caroline


Autumn 2


Please see the medium term plan to find out what we will be learning about this term.










Year 4 Summer term


Hello and welcome to the summer term! In Year 4, the children will be continuing to develop their independence through a variety of exciting and fun themes. This half term, our topic is called the Amazonia and Water cycle. Please find the medium term plan below so you know what we will be learning over the next few weeks




Homework is given out each week on Fridays, to be handed in on Wednesdays. 

REMINDER: Please encourage your child to read daily. It is still extremely important, even in Year 4, to read to an adult. This will help your child develop their comprehension skills and broaden their vocabulary. Please remember to sign your child’s contact book to show you have heard them read.



We have P.E. every Tuesday and Friday so please ensure that your child comes in their correct kit on these days. Kit should include school P.E. t-shirt, school jumper, tracksuit bottoms or shorts and trainers.


Thank you for your continued support


Miss Tesfu

Year 4 Spring term

Welcome back Year 4!


We are excited to have you back.


My name is Mrs Debora Tesfu and I will be your class teacher this year. 


Your class T. A. will be Nicole 


Lets get this adventure started!


Year 4's P.E. lessons will take place on Mondays and Fridays. Please ensure your child has the correct P.E. kit, including plimsolls/trainers, to participate in the lessons.


Reading record

Reading Records needs to be signed daily as part of the Home-School Reading Agreement. There is a minimum expectation of three reading over a week. Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes.



Homework in Year 4 is given out on Tuesdays and returned on Tuesday (unless stated otherwise in special circumstances). Please make sure you child brings their homework in on time, as it is beneficial to our learning at the time. In addition, please ensure your child learns their spelling list for the week as there is a weekly spelling test.


 Hello Year 4

It feels really strange not to be seeing you. I hope you are all ok and trying your best to enjoy your time at home, do some work and have some family time. 


I will be setting some basic tasks on Google Classroom in the next few days. Have a go at them! Remember you can use 'stream' to ask me any questions... I'll be checking in on it throughout the day. 


I will ensure the website is regularly updated with ideas for Apps, Websites, and activities to do at home. You also have a set of these things in your packs. 


Please make sure you are reading your books each day. Please also practise your times tables every day and complete a diary entry for the day.


Do not forget to take regular work breaks and exercise.


Please use Joe Wicks’s Workouts for children - they are really fun! 


Take care of yourselves,

Miss Robjant


Welcome to the new school year! The Year 4 class teacher is Miss Robjant. Our Teaching Assistant is Jacqui.


Essential Information


P.E. Lessons:

P.E.  is every Wednesday and every Thursday. Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E. kit (white t-shirt, white shorts, trainers)  so that they are able to participate.

We go swimming at Cally Pool every Wednesday during the Spring Term. Please ensure that your child has their swimming kit.



Daily reading of 30 minutes. Other homework (including spellings) will be given out every Friday, and will be marked and returned on the following Wednesday. We will have a spelling test and multiplication test every Friday.


Book Bags & Reading Records:

Book bags must be brought into school every day, with reading records signed as evidence of daily reading.


Miss Robjant




The Digestive System

Year 4 have been learning about the Digestive system.

We made a model of the digestive process to help us to understand what goes on when we eat our food.

Please ask us to explain it to you.

We will use words like; Oesophagus, Stomach, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Enzyme, Saliva, nutrients and energy so listen out for them!


We are studying Shakespeare's Macbeth in Year 4.

We are really challenging ourselves to understand the Shakespearean language and understand the complex storyline.

It's very unlike the other stories we have looked at and we are really enjoying it.


We were lucky enough to have a puppet workshop with The Little Angel Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

During the workshop, they helped us to create our own puppets based on the characters in Macbeth.

We then learned how to "breathe life into our puppets" and act out some of the scenes from the play.


Investigating Plastic

Investigating Plastic

We have been finding out about Plastic and how it impacts on our environment.

We found out that one of the ways that plastic ends up in the sea is through washing man-made fibres.

We conducted an experiment using fleece as our man-made fibre. We hand washed pieces of the fleece in warm soapy water. We timed how long we washed each piece for to make sure it was a fair test. We then filtered the water through filter paper and we discovered evidence of micro plastic on the filter paper.

This means that when you wash your man-made clothes, tiny pieces of plastic are finding their way into our oceans. This micro plastic is having a huge impact on our fish and on Coral Reefs.

We have now decided to try to think really carefully about the materials we buy!

The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

We have started studying a new book in our English lessons. We went to the library and listened to the story together.

The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl is a funny story but it does also raise some very serious issues about how we treat animals. Since reading the story we have been debating the issues raised.

Pond Dipping!

This week Year 4 investigated the school pond to see what we could find. We used keys to help us identify the creatures and the digital microscopes to take a closer look!






We found:

A water boatman

Water slater

Whirligig beetle

Mayfly Nymph

Damselfly Nymph

Emperor Dragonfly Nymph

Water flea



Click on the picture below to access some fun Maths activities and games. Children have been provided with username and login.


2016 - 2017

Here is the link for Mathletics online homework and games:


This term we are going to be practising our typing skills. You can use these websites:




We found water boatmen, water slaters, water spiders, a whirligig beetle, mayfly and damselfly nymphs, frogs and fish.

Your can find out more about the creatures on the website below.

We visited Highgate Wood last week. We used keys to identify the different trees in the wood and calculated how old some of the trees were. Using what we have learnt about classification, we also classified the animals and plants we saw.

Year 4 News -2015/2016

Maths Week

Year 4 had a brilliant Maths Week full of investigation and fun! We worked very hard on our times tables and completed challenges that changed the way we thought about Maths. We really enjoyed working together to solve problems and working with other pupils across the school during Roundabout Morning! Thank you to parents for helping us make Maths Hats and for coming to our lesson on Monday.





Freshwater Theatre Drama Workshop


We had an amazing time with David from Freshwater Theatre, who helped us recreate the Greek myth of King Midas! We really enjoyed using our Ancient Greece knowledge to bring the story to life.




Getting into character...


Max as our very own Silenus the satyr - half man, half goat!


King Midas (aka Chase) after everything he touched turned to gold!


King Midas and Princess Aurelia

Sadler's Wells Tour & Workshop


We were lucky enough to have a backstage tour of Sadler's Wells theatre on October 16th. We were shown around the auditorium and other parts of the theatre - we even got to see the ACTUAL well in Sadlers Wells! We then had a movement workshop with Cheryl all about our Ancient Greece topics. We were practicing being Greek heroes and mythical beasts!







National Poetry Day

Thursday 8th October was National Poetry Day. We worked really hard to perfect this performance of "Rumble in the Jungle" by our special person for Black History Month, Muhammad Ali! Our performance was also chosen as Ms. Hamer's Pick of The Week. 



rumble in the jungle.mp4

Still image for this video

rumble in the jungle 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Eid Assembly

Some of us brought our best Eid clothes to present at assembly on Friday 25th September. We really enjoyed sharing and learning about Eid and why it is special for Muslims - Miss Arthur included! Thank you to parents who brought snacks for us to share at our Edi party. Eid Mubarak, everyone!




As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been creating our own Greek Temple! It will go on display as part of our brand new Book Corner... Watch this space!