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Welcome to Vittoria Primary

Hello my darlings!


Can you BELIEVE it, your final week before the Summer Holidays! In normal circumstances, this week would be filled of all sorts of Whole School Festivities, and lots of hugs from me! However, despite most of your being at home, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun!


Our final Class Hangout will be this Wednesday at 3pm, where our special guest will be your new teacher for next year!


My final call with you all will be this Thursday at 2pm, so look out for a call from an unknown number as it may be me!


Lastly, you have been the most wonderful Year One Class - and I hope you have a wonderful Summer Holidays. Expect a little something from me coming in the post soon! 


All my love, congratulations, you have graduated from Year One!


Miss Khan :) xx