At Vittoria Primary School, we recognise that we are currently living in an age where technology is ever powerful, absolutely essential and constantly developing. Therefore, as a school we do our very best to ensure all pupils are capable, resilient and ambitious users of information technology and computer science. Our computing curriculum is both broad and progressive; pupils engage in digital literacy; multimedia; data collection; coding and internet safety. We endeavour to ensure all pupils are provided with both the skills and knowledge to navigate the online world in a safe and appropriate manner. The language of computing is broad and at times quite intricate, therefore we ensure that pupils are constantly immersed in ‘key vocabulary’. Staff are encouraged to try and embed computing across the whole curriculum to make learning creative and accessible. By upper KS2, we want our children to become fluent users of technology with the ability to select the most appropriate tools and programmes to efficiently perform tasks and challenges.



At Vittoria, children have a weekly computing lesson which are taught using a blocked curriculum approach. This ensure pupils are able to develop depth in their knowledge and skills over the duration of each computing topic. As all pupils have their own chrome books, cross curricular computing is far more achievable. Internet Safety lessons are taught at the beginning of each half term and also within our PSHE curriculum. As well as Chromebooks, our EYFS and KS1 pupils also have additional devices to support them with their learning.



Our overarching mission is that all pupils at Vittoria Primary School will leave our care with a real love for the use of technology, an assured grasp of how to manipulate technology for a range of purposes and a strong moral compass which guides them to make the right choices when utilising the internet. We aim to equip our pupils with strategies and tools required to deal with inappropriate and uncomfortable material that they may come across online. In addition, it is our hope that all of our pupils are able to at the very least, meet the curriculum aims whilst enjoying the subject and finding their own areas of interest. Ultimately, we want our pupils to leave Vittoria with the knowledge and skills required to confidently navigate in the real world, to become active participants in the digital world and to recognise the deep links that computing has with design and technology, maths and science.


Computing Skills Progression Map 2023-24

Computing Yearly Overview 2023-24

EYFS Computing Yearly Overview 2023-24

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