At Vittoria, we believe that Religious Education is a profound subject in allowing for children to understand the world around them. It is important that pupils are able to distinguish the similarities and differences amongst the different faiths, as well as, recognising that many people take a different path in their own beliefs. We ensure our children are able to understand the greater questions in Religious Education through our Islington framework of study. Our intent, is to enable and enrich our children with an understanding to empower, educate and continue to question the streams of faith. We also integrate the importance of respect and valuing each individual voice, beyond tolerance but acceptance of differing views.



We have a scheme of work for Religious Education through the Islington framework. The scheme allows for a clear sequence of learning to enable our pupils to begin with a clear topic and move forward in understanding and illustrating knowledge in significant questions. The assessment is not through a formal process, but rather the oral element in discussions. We encourage discussion and questioning, to question and to continue to respect.



The impact of our current scheme allows for our pupils to move beyond surface level of imparting knowledge. We want our pupils to be life-long learners, who are encouraged to respect, question and discuss religions. The element of questions allows pupils to be dignified in their approach and listen very carefully to the views of others, and understand the British value of tolerance. As an inner London school, we also see the impact Religious Education has and will continue to have for the diversity of faiths.


RE Yearly Overview 2023-24

RE Progression Map 2023-24

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