At Vittoria, our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum aims to support pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes our children need to manage their lives, now and in the future. We endeavour to help pupils to stay healthy and safe, and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain. In an ever–changing world, it is important that they are aware, to an appropriate level, of different factors which will affect their world and that they learn how to deal with these so that they have good mental health and well-being.

Our broad and balanced PSHE curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for later life. Our Sex and Relationships Education (RSE) enables our children to learn how to be safe, and to understand and develop healthy relationships, both now and in their future lives.



At Vittoria Primary School we have adapted the Islington scheme ‘You, Me and PSHE’ to meet the needs of our children and school community. Lessons aim to equip pupils with effective decision-making skills and the ability to calculate risk effectively. Class teachers use discussion as an effective tool to teach PSHE, allowing children time to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a calm, caring and respectful environment. Children in mixed classes are taught separately in their year groups to ensure they receive the specific curriculum content at the appropriate age.

PSHE is taught through 7 different strands in KS1 and KS2:

  • Sex and relationship education (RSE)
  • Drug, alcohol and tobacco education (DATE)
  • Keeping safe and managing risk
  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Careers, financial capability & economic wellbeing
  • Identity, society and equality

One age-appropriate topic is taught per half term in each year group, with RSE taught in Y2, 4 and 6. PSHE sessions are recorded in a reflections floor book which is used to support teacher assessment, as well as in depth knowledge of the children acquired through ongoing ‘formative’ assessment; this informs future planning and teaching of the subject.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, PSHE is integral to, and embedded throughout, the EYFS curriculum. The objectives taught are the Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) statements from ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ and the PSED Early Learning Goals. Our youngest children learn to self-regulate, manage their feelings and build and maintain relationships through independent learning, adult facilitation (‘sustained, shared thinking’), age-appropriate stories and regular circle times, as well as class discussions and assemblies.

In addition to discrete class sessions, PSHE features throughout the wider school ethos with many opportunities taken to focus on topical and current issues in assemblies and enrichment days. We encourage our pupils to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through initiatives such as the School Council.

At Vittoria Primary School we believe parental engagement is crucial to supporting children’s Personal and Social development. We ensure parents have a thorough understanding of the key content delivered in PSHE and RSE, and feel supported to discuss similar topics with their children at home through PSHE and RSE workshops.  Every year we take part in the Big Think Relationships Values Dialogue where we consult with parents and pupils about RSE within PSHE using values of truth, love, peace, responsibility and community and providing a safe and inclusive framework for the RSE expectations to be explored.



Our broad PSHE curriculum enables our pupils to achieve their academic potential, and leave school equipped with skills they will need throughout later life. Our children are able to understand and manage their emotions, look after their mental health and wellbeing, and speak confidently and passionately about the importance of diversity and inclusion in our society. At Vittoria, our oldest children leave our school well on their way to becoming healthy, open minded, respectful, and socially and morally responsible members of society.


PSHE Yearly Overview 2023-24

PSHE Progression Map 2023-24


As part of implementing the RSE curriculum, schools must consult with the children, parents, staff and governors to ensure there is a general consensus on our approaches to policy and the curriculum content. 

Please read the following document that help explain the changes to the curriculum:

RSE Guidance

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