Art and DT


Art and DT is led by Miss Enrique. At Vittoria, we teach in half-term blocks, and learning is linked to the wider topic theme to contextualise learning. 



Our Art and Design curriculum is designed around six core units each year across EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2, with specific artist studies built in and related to the topic. Children study a range of works by a range of famous artists of diverse backgrounds to develop knowledge of styles. This is achieved through direct teaching and cross-curricular opportunities in the classroom. Art is displayed in classrooms and around our school to motivate and inspire others and to celebrate outcomes. 

Our pupils will form an Art & Design schema by: 

  • Using concepts as the basis for schema. We call these threshold concepts; these are the big ideas which form the basis for the subject schema. In Art the threshold concepts are developing ideas, mastering practical skills and taking inspiration from the greats. 
  • Strengthening the schema with knowledge. The knowledge comes from our topics. Within each topic are knowledge categories, the facets of each threshold concept that help to improve the schema. The geography knowledge categories are media and materials, techniques, effects, colour theories, emotions, artists and artisans, styles and periods, visual language and process.  
  • Further deepening connections through tasks. This is what is developed through our planning. 


  • EYFS are exposed to a variety of creative and imaginative tasks each week, indoors and outdoors.
  • Activities given enable children to experiment and explore a wide range of materials, techniques and experiment with colour, texture, design, form and function.
  •  Vocabulary is planned and prioritised to support pupils to know more and increase their understanding. 


  • Pupils are taught to use a range of media to explore and create their own pieces of artwork.
  • They practice and develop their skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and collage. They develop techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.
  • They learn about the work of a range of artists, artisans and designers. Describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, make links and evaluate their own work. 


  • Pupils are taught to develop control and use of materials, through experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design.
  • Pupils improve their mastery of techniques in drawing, painting sculpture, printing and collage and learning to refine detail.
  • Pupils evaluate their own work against the purpose of the artist or style. 



At Vittoria, "Every child is an artist." Pablo Picasso. Pupils are given opportunities to engage in Art and Design in the classroom, with enrichment learning opportunities throughout the school year. 

The plan is to capture, illustrate and to strategically plan for the breadth and range of cultural capital experiences we will provide for our children as they move through the school. We are not leaving such an essential element of our school's provision to chance or individual teacher interest. When a child leaves Vittoria in Year 6, we will be confident of what they have learnt and experienced and know that they will be prepared for the next step in their learning and personal development.  


Art and DT Progression Map 2023-24

Art and DT Yearly Overview 2023-24

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