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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


The Curriculum is at the heart of Vittoria Primary School. Our intent is to ensure our pupils are equipped with core and subject-specific knowledge and understanding. We have developed our curriculum in such a way that allows our pupils to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge through sequential lessons. 



We have adopted and implemented different strategies, learning schemes and fundamental teaching principles to support all of our pupils. Our teaching principles and values include instilling a belief in all our pupils that they can do what they put their mind to. Our teachers and support staff aim to nurture all children. Our pupils are delivered lessons that embed the National Curriculum with our teachers taking autonomy of the deliverance and tailoring to specific needs of our pupils.



The impact of ensuring all our pupils are tailored to and having very broad and balanced curriculum is to ensure and allow our children to be curious. We want there to be a wealth of knowledge for our pupils and for them to feel enriched by what there are able to access. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, imagination and foster a global perspective.

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