Our history curriculum looks at the rich and diverse history of our local area, our country and our world. We aim to provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to appreciate our history and that of human creativity, endeavour & exploration through time. History helps pupils to develop an understanding of the world around them and how significant times and people have led to the world we have today. Pupils will understand and appreciate that curiosity and critical thinking are essential tools for historians.



History skills are embedded within all history lessons and developed throughout pupil’s journey of the history curriculum. Pupils learn through enquiry based learning opportunities to gain a greater understanding of our local area. Teachers plan and create engaging and informative teaching and learning opportunities which take into account prior learning, plan for opportunities for assessment and identify suitable next steps. They make regular reference to when certain time periods happen in relation to other historical events, as so to deepen their chronological understanding of history. History is supported through cross curricular links, allowing all pupils to become immersed in their historical enquiries and explore their historical language and understanding.



We aspire to have our curriculum relevant to the world we are living in and we hope it will allow our pupils to develop an in-depth knowledge of historical events. Pupils should be able to compare the life they live now to previous time eras and note the difference and the journey the world has taken so far.


History Yearly Overview 2023-24

History Progression Map 2023-24

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