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Bringing Vittoria and Copenhagen Primary Schools together.

Our journey towards excellence is personal, yet the destination remains the same. Regardless of starting point or background, we support our pupils to achieve more than they ever believed possible.



Our Nursery accepts children on the term after their 3rd birthday. We currently offer both 15 hours and 30 hours of childcare. To find out if you are eligible, please contact the school office.

You can apply for a place at our Nursery before your child turns 3, it’s never too early!

Vittoria Primary School Admission Form



You must apply for a school place using the Islington online system, even if you are applying for a place in another local authority.

If you do not live in Islington, you must apply using your home local authority’s system (i.e. the council to whom you pay your council tax).


How to apply

Firstly, please read the relevant Islington schools brochure and the school admissions for information on Islington Schools:

Primary School Admissions Booklet 2023-24

School Admissions Information

Once you have read the brochure and you have decided which school you would like to apply for, click on the link below to begin the online application process.

Islington Admissions – Reception

If you need help with applying online, we are very happy to help. Please contact the school office – Ms Eke will be glad to give you some support.


In-year Applications

If you wish to apply for a place during the year, you must apply via the Islington Council website. Please click on the link below to begin the application process.

Islington Admissions – In-Year


Please contact the Local Authority (Islington) to find out more about our admissions and appeals arrangements. 



Our School



Meeting Standard in Reading 2023 - Vittoria


Meeting Standard in Maths 2023 - Vittoria


Meeting Standard in Science 2023 - Vittoria


Meeting Standard in Writing 2023 - Vittoria


Combined RWM 2023 - Vittoria


Meeting Standard in Reading 2023 - Copenhagen


Meeting Standard in Maths 2023 - Copenhagen


Meeting Standard in Science 2023 - Copenhagen


Meeting Standard in Writing 2023 - Copenhagen


Combined RWM 2023 - Copenhagen

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